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First ten years
1st Paper
2nd Cotton
3rd Leather
4th Linen
5th Wood
6th Iron
7th Wool / copper
8th Bronze
9th Pottery
10th Tin

Over ten years
11th Steel
12th Silk
13th Lace
14th Ivory
15th Crystal
20th China

Over 20 years
25th Silver
30th Pearl
35th Coral
40th Ruby
45th Sapphire
50th Gold
55th Emerald
60th Diamond
70th Platinum
75th Diamond (USA)
80th Oak



We have all been in this position at some time in our lives; invited to a wedding anniversary, for instance, and though keen to attend and take the happy couple a present, we have a complete dearth of gift ideas. The mind is as blank as an artist’s new canvas and we are running out of time because the anniversary party is next week!

So we tap into the Internet something akin to anniversary gifts or anniversary gift ideas and Hey Presto, we simply cannot believe the amount and variation of presents on offer for such occasions. We really need to give something which will last and be remembered as being given by us, so that leaves out chocolates and even champagne – in any case, they may be on a diet.

That still leaves masses of options though, so let’s take a look at what traditionally represents a 13th wedding anniversary and we soon find that it is Lace together with Hollyhocks as the flowers and a choice of gemstones - Citrine, Malachite or Moonstone.

That sounds good, and easy enough too so eventually we settled for a very nice lace dining table set.

Have a mooch around our site and see what gift and present ideas you can find for the next Wedding anniversary party to which you are invited.

Wedding anniversary celebrations per se don’t appear to have much in terms of a history, with the exceptions of the Silver and Gold anniversaries that is, and it appears that they have been celebrated for around 600 or 700 years, give or take, but if interested you can read more about the history of wedding anniversaries here

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