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April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day is an annual celebration that takes place on the 1st April (in most places) and it is a celebration like no other: One where the purpose is to play a successful practical joke on another person, or people. The more people you fool the better you are. In English-speaking countries there is a time limit, in that all tricks must be played before midday, after that the trickster is the fool.

Where exactly April Fool’s day came from is in doubt, some think it has to do with "spring fever" while others think it is to do with the changing to the Gregorian calendar.

Whatever it is it is a chance to do something silly, and that should never be turned down. Having said that there is always the risk of practical jokes being cruel, and to be a proper practical joke the victim must be able to laugh as well – otherwise it’s just bullying (and saying "you just don’t have a sense of humour" doesn’t count).



Suitable activities include sending people to find things that don’t exist (like a left-handed screwdriver or checked paint) and getting people to believe ridiculous things.

The popularity of April Fool’s Day can backfire, sometimes fatally, on one occasion tsunami warnings in Hawaii were ignored as April Fool’s jokes by some people, who subsequently drowned.

Any strange story in the news put out on 1st April is disbelieved on principle – though some make a point of printing "strange but true" items.