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Baby shower

A baby shower is a party where expectant parents are given gifts and/or money for the child in readiness for its birth. This helps the couple offset the sudden increase in costs due to having a child by allowing family and friends to help spread the load.

As the baby shower is a very new celebration there is no set pattern, and different cultures tend to modify it to suit themselves. However the basics remain the same.

Originally this was a women-only event, and still tends to be. However they do come as mixed-gender and men-only events too.



Often it takes place only for the first birth of a couple, however there are no hard-and-fast rules so it can be for any. It is possible that a special event might be organised where it’s known that this child will be the last one for the couple in question.

It’s not unusual for there to be more than one celebration, perhaps one at the workplace of the mother-to-be, one for fmily, one for friends. It all depends on the situation. You can even have "remote" baby showers where the mother-to-be isn’t actually there, due to distance.