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Top 10 or 100 names for baby!

We take our site content very seriously, and have been careful to lay out some general suggestions on choosing names as we can be. Although it is fun to choose a name, it also helps to define that person for their lifetime - so think carefully before you make a choice and don't be too set on a name until you get the feel of how it suits the child!

There are really over 200 here as there are both girls and boys listed! We also have a selection of unusual names and advice on how to pick names.

Use the menu to the left to see the list for boys and girls.

" Why should you be interested in what other's are calling their baby? "

A list of others' choices is good simply because it gives you a good idea of what is modern, and also available. You might also decide not to use an overly popular name (my neice was one of four Charlottes in her primary class).

It is a difficult task, chossing the right name and a list helps to clarify things for you. If they aren't here then think carefully about using them, becuase although it is more interesting to have a different name, it can also isolate you as a child, especially in a school environment.

Use the menu to the left to navigate through this section. Good luck and we hope you enjoy using this section of the site as much as we did producing it!

We have a whole selection of ideas here for you, and some advice on choosing the right name. Hopefully this will help you and we would welcome feedback if we actually helped name your baby!

The best gift parents can give to a child is love and a name. Search for the perfect baby names here!

Choosing baby names
In surveys it is claimed that choosing names for babies is the most fun part of the whole process. In some ways it’s one of the most important that you have control over and the effect can last a lifetime.
Saying "choosing a baby’s name" is wrong of course. You’re not choosing a baby’s name, your choosing the name for person, who is currently a baby. But that person is going to grow up and you need to think about that.

The choice of baby names is wider than it’s ever been before. Why? Because we now have the choice of a many traditions from all over the world, it’s not considered out-of-bounds to choose other nouns (like "Sky") for names and you can even make them up.

Of course, just because you can do all these things, is it a good idea? Choosing a name may be fun but your child is going to have to live with it. You might end up with a child full of resentment for calling him "Tusk" with the surname Brown – just because the word sounds tough and macho.

Your child is going to have to live with this name for the rest of their life, so choose from the point of view of how that name is going to work in the real world – not on the basis of "oh that’s a pretty name", or "oh, I love that team, let’s name him after all the players".