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We have quite a short growing season in this country, and it is partly because of that we buy artificial flowers for various purposes now and then.

The thing about artificial flowers is that so long as you buy good ones, and by that we mean spending a few pounds more than you would normally do then they look like the real thing!

They are very often used in wedding displays these days because they can be kept virtually forever, and if you feel generous you can always lend such displays to a friend who may be a tad short of cash for their wedding but who needs a fine display.

Artificial flowers are often used in conservatories for the simple reason that they will last several years where the summer heat would make the real thing wilt and die within a day.

We know of several families who use displays of artificial flowers in their indoor swimming pools too. Usually these are in the form of large ferns in pots so that they look good near to an expanse of water.

Good artificial flowers are not cheap; in fact they could initially cost more than real blooms but their advantage is in their longevity, and even though they may be made of plastic they look just like the real thing.