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At some time in our past we have all come into contact with a member of a family that has suffered one or more bereavements. This in itself is usually devastating for the whole family and even if the dear departed had been near death for some time the fact that he or she has finally gone is still a huge shock.

Friends and neighbours usually rally round and one of the first questions asked by well wishers is whether you want donations to a favoured charity or funeral flowers.

Whilst we agree in a way that charitable donations may do some good having a coffin decked with funeral flowers looks so much better from the point of view of those recently bereaved and it is nice to send flowers at such times butwe also have to consider the family’s wishes because ultimately, it's them who are important.

One can never predict a bereavement, nor can one ever predict whether your local florist will be able to cope with a sudden influx of orders for funeral flowers and wreaths, so this is why there are so many companies offering funeral flowers, poems and cards online, and these companies can and will deliver flowers either to your door or to the funeral home in time to go with the hearse.