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For many of us, and especially the ladies, their wedding is supposed to be the best day of their lives so far, and as is often the case the Bride and Bridesmaids are bedecked with wedding flowers as custom demands.

The amount of bridesmaids at a wedding is normally determined by how much is being spent because bridesmaid dresses and their bouquets of wedding flowers cost a small fortune.

The groom does not have as much as his bride in terms of floral decoration, but he and his best man always wear a top notch buttonhole to complete their outfits for the big day.

Parents, if there are any, of the bride and groom are similarly draped with a selection of wedding flowers which are in bloom according to the season.

There is a growing trend to have artificial wedding flowers on the tables at the wedding breakfast, or the meal after the wedding to which the guests are invited.

This has more to do with the longevity of said flowers rather than the cost of cut blooms which may well wilt and die shortly after the main event as artificial blooms will last forever and can serve as a reminder to the bride and groom of their wedding day vows.

It has to be said that in most cases wedding flowers do not come cheap, and if the evening party is in a marquee hosted in someone’s garden then there may indeed have to be even more to decorate it, and of course, this all adds to the final account