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We need food to live, so why not ensure that making it is fun, that the result is something worth eating and improve your skills in the kitchen while you’re at it? Find out how you can ensure that the meals that you eat are excellent tasting and excellent for your health, we have the sites that will show you the way to go.


BBC Food
Extensive site which includes news and features, TV and radio programmes, recipes, and basics. Sections focus on healthy eating, in-season eating and chefs.

Our Recipe Search database contains approximately 3500 recipes: from simple-to-prepare, tasty snacks to more elaborate special occasion meal ideas.

Ethnic Menu 2 Menu
Almost 20,000 restaurants for Curry, Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Italian, and more.

iVillage Food
What's cooking? Who's cooking? We cover many different areas to do with food and drink including food experts, cooking basics, entertaining and coverage of food areas.

Rampant Scotland
Scottish culinary delights such as haggis – when in season – and many other traditional recipes can be found here. Plus Scottish cookery courses (and whiskey).

Visit Wales Food
Traditional Welsh food? Not many recipes on this site but what they have are excellent: Afternoon Fruit & Cheese Cake and Creamy Leek Tart made with two Welsh Cheeses.

Next Recipe
Looking for recipes? You have come to the right place as we have more than 30,000 free recipes covering both food and drink, from cocktails to main courses and desserts.

The Party Basket
Everything you could possibly want for making a party successful with special areas for kids food that’s both fun and healthy, the entire site provides help with any sort of party.

Food Fitness
Promoting enjoyable, healthy eating combined with increased moderate physical activity: showing that a healthy lifestyle can be fun, easily achievable and affordable.

The Vegetarian Society
Expert advice on nutritional issues and free information for individuals, companies and organisations, we keep vegetarianism in the news and feed the real facts to the press.


Everything you could possibly want to know about food: menus, everyday/family food,
entertaining, healthy eating, global cuisine, chefs (celebrity or not), drinks and more.

The festival for departed souls begins with Day of the Dead food. The Day of the Dead remembers ancestors, whose spirits visit the earth once a year, so what do you eat?

Kids healthy Eating
Good nutrition and a balanced diet will help your child grow up healthy. Whether a toddler or a teen, take these steps to improve nutrition and encourage smart eating.

CDC healthy Kids
As a parent, your responsibility is to buy healthy groceries and serve nutritious food to your growing children. Find out how you can improve your child’s eating habits.

Food Allergies in Kids
True food allergies are not as common as most people believe and only affect about 2% of children, find out everything you need to know to keep your child healthy.

Food & Diet
You need to keep variety in your menu regardless of your weight loss plan or lifestyle. Our recipe section is clever enough that it will please even the pickiest of eaters.

Healthy Eating
We’ve been selling vegetarian food products and cookbooks since 1983 and are dedicated to vegetarian eating and cooking as America's source for soy-based foods.

Crescent Life
Vegetarianism is a healthy option, but it’s very important to ensure that your food intake is well-balanced. Use the nutrition pyramid to see what types of food you should eat.

Fabulous Foods: Independence Day
Take a look at our spectacular 4th of July Desserts for satisfying a patriotic sweet tooth using the classic combination of raspberries or strawberries and blueberries.

All Recipes: Thanksgiving
From how to carve your turkey in Turkey 101 to how to ensure that you end up with a moist, tender turkey, whether brining, roasting, smoking or deep-frying your bird.

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