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From the professional to the amateur, darts is a great game with a long tradition. The excellent selection of suppliers listed can provide you with the necessary to get you set up and running with a game that’s easy to play and hard to master. (And they can explain the rules.)


Traditional Games
Great site with a detailed, illustrated history of how the game of darts evolved from the earlier game of Puff and Dart which used a blowpipe to fire a dart at the target.

The Darts Shop
What are the definitive rules for darts? There are many different versions of the game but the internationally recognised rules for 501 are listed on this useful website.

Lawn Darts
Is real darts a bit too vicious? This is the site for the makers of the original Lawn Darts based in Staffordshire; includes all you need to play, including the best rules for the game.

Best Darts
Everything needed by the amateur and the professional darts player including the darts themselves, dartboards, flights, shafts, cabinets, scorers, accessories, mats and more.

Makers of some of the very best darts in the world including the famous Apocalypse, Extreme, Commando, Tuscan, Foxfire and Cyclone brands plus the extras you need.

Hints & Things
This site contains useful and helpful tips to bear in mind if you’re thinking of installing a dart board in your own home, including (and not limited to) where you’re going to put it.

Online site without online ordering, instead you talk to the knowledgeable staff who will guide you through your buying experience so you get exactly what’s right for you.

Darts Directory
A great informational website which contains pages on dart-playing techniques, it has news about darts professional matches, links to player’s websites and has forums.

Dart Base e-zine
Everything you always wanted to know about darts (but were afraid to ask). Book reviews, technique, mental game, practicing, correct throwing and much more.

Professional Darts Corporation
The Professional Darts Corporation was initially formed as the World Darts Council in January 1992, and it is now the leading professional body in the sport, running events.


Performer's Edge
To play darts effectively you need to be consistent. Easy to say, not so easy to do. How important is practice and the will to win, all of the answers are here for you.

American Darters Association
Founded in 1991 as the sanctioning body for a nationwide centrally-controlled dart league with two types of nationwide dart leagues: the Scratch and Handicapped.

Lawn Darts
Enthusiasm from a person who’s played Lawn Darts right from its origins: "I can still remember the anticipation of opening my first set of Jarts. I still have a set."

Games Room USA
Everything you could possible need for real and electronic darts: electronic dartboards, Bristle dart boards, cabinets, soft- and steel-tip darts, accessories and more besides.

The other "wiki" devoted to how to do things, a full description of the game of darts and how you can play it with friends including game types and all the "hows" you need.

Hat Trick Darts
Carries the finest selection of American Darts and Dartboard games, handcrafted by artisans carrying on a century-old tradition. Specializes in wooden, steel tipped darts.

American Baseball Dart Association
Created with the purpose of organizing all American Dart Leagues under one sanctioning body and controlling the play of the game leagues and its sponsors.

Everything you need to know about darts plus rules and dozens of "Rick's Darts Tips". Subjects cover sharpening darts, dartboard setup, throwing tips, shafts and flights.

Family Education
Getting the best from your new dartboard covering the very best place to set it up – which is very important. What’s going to happen if you don’t put it in the right place?

A-Z Darts
A great little site with a fantastic selection of darts, shafts and flights, dartboards, mats, cabinets, scorers, accessories, and more. You can expect a personal service.

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