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Why spend hours wandering around your nearest garden centre or nursery, fighting someone else for that last back of seeds when all you have to do is log on and let your mouse do the searching, with our list of suppliers of all types of plants and seeds from azaleas to cacti, and succulents to bonsai.


Jersey Plants Direct
Providers of high quality bedding plants, bulbs, perennials and shrubs. View the nursery with hints & tips on watering, feeding, flowering, pests, and plant health.

Jackson's Nurseries
Has a clever search system to search by categories like "Sun Shine Boys" and "Sensory Sensations" alongside the traditional category system and a text search.

Thompson & Morgan Plants Catalogue

Wide selection including young plants, wildlife plants and fruit. Exports seeds to most countries. Illustrated index plus fact sheets and in-depth guides on plant care.

Wiggly Wigglers
Specialist in native British plants: beautiful, elegant plants that look 'just right' in nearly every garden and provide the perfect ecological fit for the other plants and animals.

Flower Seeds
Specialist providers of native British wildflower seeds, wildflower meadow mixtures, and grass seed for lawns, sports fields, paddocks and natural environments.

Nicky's Nursery
Ideal plant gifts for the person who has everything. Covers herb seeds, lawn seed, wildflower mixtures, tree seeds, vegetables, oriental and baby vegetable seeds.

Bonsai Direct
Family business supplying everything you need to produce your very own miniature trees with two fully equipped classrooms, lecture tours (Devon) and books.

Greenwood Bonsai Studio
A quirky and fun website showing there’s more to Nottingham than Robin Hood. The site supplies bonsai pots, tools, indoor and outdoor bonsai plus bonsai as gifts.

Trees Direct
Fruit and nut trees, ornamental trees, patio and conservatory trees, native trees, birthday trees, shrubs, plus a gardeners’ club, seasonal ideas, and tree care.

Glenhirst Cactus Nursery
Everything you need to know about true cacti and other succulents, such as the Rebutias, Mammillarias, Lobivias, Notocacti, Orchid Cacti and Christmas cacti.

Little Shop of Horrors
Looking for plants with a little more bite? This site has Venus Fly Traps, Sundews, Trumpet Pitchers, Cobra Lily, hardy UK carnivorous plants and all support resources.


Richters Herb Specialists
Richters has been growing and selling herbs since 1969 with their first catalogue in 1970. They have dozens of varieties of herbs well-known and unusual.

Top source for evergreen and deciduous shrubs, tropical, eco-friendly, heirloom, native plants and ornamental grasses. With gift certificates and in-depth guides and information.

Greer Gardens
Over 4,000 plant varieties and nearly 700 photos, ranging from conifers, perennials, bonsai and ferns, to azaleas, rhododendrons, magnolias and maples. Ships globally.

Palm Farm
Only a limited range but has exquisite plants such as Anthurium, Bird of Paradise, Cat Palm, Colorama, Croton, Dendrobium Orchid, Ficus Tree and Mass Cane.

Bluestem Nursery
A delightful website with a strong emphasis on ornamental grasses (109 varieties) and willows (44 varieties) all available mail order, photographs of nearly all are available.

Mother Earth Living
Dozens of different eco-friendly and organic plant tips from using newspapers as mulch to bio-diesel. Mother Earth Living provides useful, practical tips for daily eco-living.

Plant Delight Nursery
The home of plants with attitude specializing in unusual perennials (and some tender perennials for gardeners north of zone 7). Features over 1000 different perennials.

American Bamboo Society
As the beauty and potential of bamboo has been greatly overlooked in the West, this site encourages the research and study – and sale – of these incredible grasses.

Blogs, garden, home and nature forums, garden and home photo galleries, ask the experts, directories for shopping, organizations, events and more.

The Nursery at TyTy
A huge selection of plants for home, yard, garden, or business. All plants are carefully packaged and guaranteed to be healthy and to grow. Buy lemon trees for Zones 8-10.


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