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GHD straightner

One of the most iconic beauty products of all time, the GHD Ceramic Styling Iron creates the look, whatever the length, or hair type, whether going straight or curly. GHD's advanced heat regulation system and unique ceramic technology deliver a consistent, controlled heat, allowing styles that can differ from being smooth, sleek and straight to naturally curly, soft and bouncy. Cannot wait? Buy now!

We recommend you only use a GHD Authorised Retailer, that way you know you are getting the real product.

GHD IV Styler
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£91.55 Buy now!

Buy here and receive* -
• 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty
• Next Day insured Delivery via FedEx UK
• Styling DVD demonstrating & teaching you how to straighten, curl and style your hair like a pro!
• Hologram of Authenticity.
• Buy with confidence from a GHD Authorised Retailer.
• Register your irons with GHD at

Your order will be dispatched via FedEx UK - fully insured as standard ensures and you can track the progress .

Straightener Features:
• Innovative ceramic technology for consistant heat output.
• Multiple voltage for use when you travel.
• Sleep mode - if you forget to switch off!
• Microprocessor control for optimum styling control.
• Rounder barel for ease of use. - you never need to have the same look twice,making it easier to create waves, curls and flicks.
• Shiver mode for cold conditions, helps prevent condensation damage.
• Unique Digital Technology improves temperature control for even better styling.
• Advanced Ceramic Heaters and Aluminium Plates - a fantastic styling surface for the smoothest static-free sheen.

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Product review:
With their unique built-in microprocessor, they not only conduct heat fast but also retain it more effectively too. The advanced infra-red heat actually protects your hair, sealing in its natural oils, moisture and hair colour, giving you beautifully straight hair with an attractive healthy shine.

This new technology has been used to a real advantage and really been thought about and now that you can get this at such low prices, this is the hair styling product that is a must for your every day style needs.

The technology really makes a difference, giving you a new generation of straightener, with ceramic technology and auto adjust for voltages (so that it still works with lower voltages when you travel abroad). The Shiver Mode combats condensation that can damage stylers, shutting down to protect itself until the temperature rises if the room temperature is below 5 degrees C.

To protect itself from wear and tear, it has an improved cable for extra strength and together with the shiver mode, these help protect it and give you a longer lasting product. Click here for more information and to buy now!

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* Please check offer and price details, including delivery before you purchase as price and offer can change without notice.

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