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Destination for your 5th anniversary

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity.  The order varies for any given year.  ~Paul Sweeney

Plato and Pythagoras deemed the number 2 to be female and the number 3 to be male. Five (two + three) therefore symbolizes marriage. The fifth year of wedlock is traditionally celebrated with a gift made of wood.

Although it is not particularly difficult to find a lovely present made from wood, you might want to engage your imagination in honour of this anniversary. An authentic wood carving should definitely be bought in the country of origin! The beauty of woodwork is that your choice of destinations is almost endless, from Southern Africa and Indonesia to Egypt and Australia authentic ethnic pieces can be bought in markets and you will have a wonderful reminder of your love and your exotic holiday.

A little closer to home on the continent you will find the most exquisite and unusual objet de’art.

Visit Croatia, Estonia and Italy for hand crafted and painted traditional wooden toys

Or Czechoslovakia for Marionettes

Finland is famous for the willow products from Marjamäen Pajutila

Germany invented the cuckoo clock and Triberg is the cuckoo capital of the world – you can also find them in Switzerland

Italy also produces gorgeous handcrafted musical instruments.

Visit Poland in Late June for the Kazimierz Dolny cultural festival where woodcraft is only one of the attractions.An authentic Russian Matryoshka will have a certificate to prove its provenance and the Swedish Dalecarian Horse has evolved from a children’s toy to a coveted artwork that takes at least nine artisans to create.

If either time or budget dictates that you stay home. Buy a love spoon in Wales or maybe you can head to Yorkshire and take a walk through a wood in England?

Ingleton Waterfalls Trail offers a perfect trail. Only 4.5 miles it leads past waterfalls and geological features – you will work up an appetite to enjoy some Yorkshire hospitality as you cuddle up in a local Bed and Breakfast.

And the most original wooden gift?

Buy tickets for Ljubljana International Airport. In Slovenia you can buy hand carved toothpicks in your choice of wood!

Last updated July 11, 2008 7:15 PM