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Destinations for your first anniversary

Where will you be for your 1st wedding anniversary?

I often wonder why people say CONGRATULATIONS at the wedding… more appropriate by a mile is GOOD LUCK don’t you think?

When it comes to ANNIVERSARIES however I really am all for celebrations and congratulations!

The first year of marriage can be idyllic, torturous or most commonly a mixture of the two designed to keep you on your toes… It is therefore important to take a moment out for taking stock and gently patting each other on the back once you have successfully negotiated 365 days of married bliss. While the wedding is often planned around the family and friends anniversaries belong only to the two of you – this should make planning the perfect getaway infinitely easier!

We have put together a shortlist of travel options (they also make a great gift), inspired by great British books (the 1st anniversary is symbolized by paper) to fire up your imagination:

Choose a destination from your favourite scene in literature (and get away with it!).

Something old
The oldest poem this epic story plays out in Scandinavia – these countries remain a good choice for romance and if you got married in the Spring or Summer your timing will be exactly right for visiting Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Something new
Charles Dickens
Great Expectations
Although first published in 1860 it was done in installments to increase the sales of a paper (All the year round) and therefore thoroughly modern for its time!
A large part of this novel is set in London and it is our top pick for a modern romantic getaway. Take in a couple of shows – stay somewhere sumptuous – try the London Eye!

Something borrowed
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Who needs to leave the house when you can write a great love letter – feel free to include some of their much loved iconic Romantic poetry. Of course … you could slip in an invitation to Italy where Elizabeth lived with her beloved.

Something blue
Robert Louis Stevenson
Treasure Island
With all the stress of the wedding behind you now is a fantastic time to really enjoy a getaway of seriously romantic proportions!
The destination is easy – simply follow your hearts wildest dream!
Maldives, Seychelles, Carribean …

Last updated July 11, 2008 7:02 PM