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Where will you be for your 6th anniversary?

I figure that the degree of difficulty in combining two lives ranks somewhere between rerouting a hurricane and finding a parking place in downtown Manhattan. 
Claire Cloninger, "When the Glass Slipper Doesn't Fit and the Silver Spoon is in Someone Else's Mouth"

The average age for marriage in England and Wales is 31 for men and 29 for women. Most men have their first child when they are 32 and woman at 29.4. This puts most couples in their 30s or 40s by their 6th wedding anniversary. It also means that the kids might just be big enough to manage their grandparents while you slip away for a couple of weeks.

We state all these figures because the traditional sixth wedding anniversary gift is iron, the country that happens to have 20% of the worlds iron reserves in one mountain is Bolivia… and therefore your sixth wedding celebration is the perfect time to visit the Amazon.

Yes we said Amazon.

Although there still are parts of the Amazon better suited to an expedition led by Sir Ranulph Fiennes it is also possible to have a slightly less taxing vacation.

As far as romantic destinations in the South American rainforests go Bolivia is clearly a clever choice. Its long winter from May to October allows for comfortable travel throughout a large part of the year. A Bolivian Fiesta will add some real Latin revelry to your celebrations and the festival season happily coincides with our English summer vacation. Choose one of over 30 hotels available through in La Paz – the world’s highest capital city at 4 km above sea level. The town has a couple of interesting museums and is a great place to shop for authentic souvenirs home. The Bolivians are experts at hand-spun alpaca wool, silver jewellery, paintings and musical instruments. La Paz is also close to El Camino de la muerte (The famously mesmerizing road of death) and the Witches market where you can purchase objects including dried frogs that promise to improve your love life, your financial status and general security.

If you prefer your frogs live however you need to journey north. The country abounds with perfectly maintained pristine rainforests and the Chalalan Ecolodge is a great choice for modern eco-conscious couples. It can be found right in the middle of the Madidi National Park. This wilderness boasts 4,500,000 acres of biodiversity from where you can explore dry tropical forest, humid lowland rainforest, savannah, rivers, lakes and cloud forest.

What better way to celebrate six years of marriage than by sharing your anniversary with 1000 species of birds, 44% of all New World species of mammals and 45,000 plant species?

Last updated July 11, 2008 7:45 PM