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Destination for your 10th anniversary

The custom of celebrating wedding anniversaries stem from our societies wish to reward stability. The 10th anniversary was noted by Emily Post in her 1922 Blue Book of Social usage. She suggested that each consecutive anniversary be rewarded by an increasingly valuable gift (the greater the stability more precious the gift!).

Tin is the traditional gift for your tenth anniversary. As tin and aluminum are both durable AND flexible you need to apply these characteristics to your marriage in order to weather the passage of time.

If you are the traditional type you can head for Cornwall where tin has been mined since medieval times!
Cornwall’s history is filled with the romantic tales of Arthur and his knights and also has some of Britains most spectacular coastal scenery.

It is not difficult to find a romantic hideaway worthy of a celebration.

Mount Haven (overlooking St Michael’s Mount and the bay) is our top pic! Voted one of the worlds 20 top hotels on a budget by the Sunday Times in 2007 it has an eclectic/ exotic decorating style featuring caskets from the Bhutan, incense from holy Indian Ashrams and tapestries from Jaipur. The philosophy centers on looking after guests (it has a healing room offering many spa therapies) and helping them to have a stress free stay. Mount Haven is the perfect destination for celebrating your enduring union and revisiting the original excitement of your love.

Choose a destination from your favourite scene in literature (and get away with it!).

In 2008 statistics show that after 10 years only 25% of marriages are intact in current times….This could explain why tin has been replaced by diamonds for the modern 10th anniversary gift!

The best destination for Diamond shopping? Botswana sells US$ 3.2 billion worth of diamonds every year – and the best news is that they are ALL conflict free! Visit your travel agent and combine a visit to the Okavango Delta, Chobe and even maybe Victoria Falls with a little shopping spree. There are various accommodation options to pursue – the best time to visit is during the late summer, winter and spring (May to October)

Finally you might wish to use this anniversary as the perfect excuse to indulge in a party for all the close friends who have witnessed the journey with you and advised you along the way. Budget might dictate that you stay close to home but if an away celebration is on the cards you can use a web tool like Hotels combined. It will allow you to pick a city, enter your budget and then sit back while they search more than 30 reservation sites to find you the best hotel deal.

Last updated July 11, 2008 7:09 PM