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Occasions usually only last a couple of days at the most
– the memories you will have to live with for the rest of your life!

From the gifts to the destination we would like to help you make sure those memories are worth it.

Leaving home to celebrate an occasion is a relatively new concept

– As travel became more accessible, and disposable income started to match those special offers, holidays quickly evolved into a status symbol. Many of the millions of travelers come home disappointed each year as they fall into the trap of trying to visit the latest fashionable destination instead of being quite honest about their expectations.

We will be looking at the best travel ideas and tips for different annual and unique occasions.

Travelling and celebrations both have their complications – when you combine one with the other you might be facing double trouble

Budget aside please do consider the following before you take your next occasion onto the road:

~ Your guest list – who will help to make the celebration most meaningful
(and lets be brutal – a bit of planning can utilise the destination as a crafty tool to keep the people who will ruin your karma at home)

~ As many celebrations are inherently stressful it might not be the best time to attempt a grand new hobby and for the same reason you might want to stay within the borders of your comfort zone as far as temperature, humidity, recognizable food and general comfort levels goes!

~ Finally although meticulous planning might avert major disaster – there is a point where you will have to stop attending to details and start enjoying your special occasion … It might be quite difficult to believe at the time but the minor horror stories will only add to your fond memories of the event as time goes by.

Top tip for Easter:

Pack your personal chocolate favourites – just in case they have never heard of a Crème Egg … you really do not want to miss out on the best excuse to indulge!

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