Beaded, heart, silver charm bracelets (Sterling) Gold, vintage and ankle: discount

Cheap charm bracelet, Sterling siver heart, vintage gold, discount beaded ankle.

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Charm Bracelets

A charm bracelet is a piece of jewellery worn on the wrist with decorative trinkets which may have some significance, or may not. Charms have always been worn as magical devices to ward off evil in whatever form it might appear. However since at least the 19th century they have been a fashion item and the type of charm worn has been subject to trends.

Italian charm bracelets, a recent trend, differ in that the charms don’t dangle from the bracelet, instead they form the chain itself linking together, although in some versions they are welded to a chain instead.

Links of London
Since 1990 when Links of London was founded by Annoushka Ducas and her husband, John Ayton, we have striven to deliver the very best and we can provide incredible charm bracelet jewellery in a range of prices from the simplest to the outrageous like this ultimate charm bracelet. Take a look at our website and see what you like.
At we work hard to bring you the very best in charm bracelet jewellery to ensure that what you’re wearing is exactly what you want. With our years of experience we know exactly how to create the finest quality products at the best possible prices for you.

The Charm Works Why not try out our amazing online Charm Bracelet Creator so that you can create your very own silver charm bracelet with exactly the charms you want.

The Charm Bracelet Company
As you might expect we specialise 100% in charms and bracelets, and nothing else. All our products are solid silver, handmade and crafted in exquisite taste.

Walsh Brothers
Take a browse through our online catalogue to see the high quality of unique silver bracelets and traditional silver charms that we have to go with them.

USA We wouldn’t want to suggest that we can make $100 look like $500, or more, but with you can make your dollar stretch further than you might think. With our online auctions you can get hold of the best quality charm bracelets, both modern and antique, for a price that will surprise you.

JustMetal Titanium We like to keep things simple, at JustMetal we have taken one of the most exciting metals in the world today and turned it into beautiful jewelry, and we make some of the best charm bracelets in the world – out of titanium and nothing else. And it’s so tough it will never lose its magic just take a look at this .

Rembrandt Charms
Never mind creating an old master on our website you can create a new masterpiece of a charm bracelet and have it made at a jeweler near you.

Jewelry Central It probably comes as no surprise that jewelry is our game, what might be a surprise is the fantastic range of charm bracelets that we can provide to you.

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Last updated April 23, 2008 6:28 AM