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A brooch is a decorative item designed to be attached to clothing, usually on the chest. Originally it was a practical item designed to hold cloaks in place, having evolved from a simple pin. From a historical viewpoint, brooch designs changed very quickly with fashion (no different than today) and so are an important chronological indicator.

They can be made from almost any metal but usually silver or gold, and may be decorated with precious or semi-precious stones and/or enamelled. Nowadays they are almost exclusively decorative (since clothes usually have their own fasteners). The types of designs are now almost limitless, although since about the 1960s they have been falling in general popularity.

Swarovski Wearing a brooch today is a sign of sophistication and class, and if you have decided that a brooch is the right thing for you then you want to choose something that truly reflects quality. Thatís why the Swarovski collection will ensure that you show yourself off to your very best advantage. We have true quality.

H. Samuel If youíre looking for brooches in any price range, whether itís something small and cute, or to a brooch thatís encrusted with precious gems then you could do a lot worse than looking at our wide range of delightful brooches. Whether itís gold, silver or platinum, with precious or semi-precious stones our selection will certainly grab your interest.

Butler & Wilson We have a delightful selection of excellent brooches and pins ranging from the elegance of 1950s-inspired designs through pretty bows to animal pins of all sorts.

Zoo Jewellery Our excellent selection of silver brooches is designed to impress with our contemporary takes on classical, celtic and mystical designs from the distant past.

Mikey If youíre looking for something special Mikey is one of the UKís leading designers of contemporary jewellery that create moments, capture moods and sparkle.

USA is one of the best online sites for jewellery and especially brooches of all types. 95% our customers rate us as providing excellent service and we work hard to achieve it, with brooches that provide exactly what is needed, backed up by a staff who know what good service means. Take a look at this brooch Is there any place that you can go that will ensure that you can see the widest selection of brooches from ancient to modern, at prices that you canít get in any shop? Thereís just the one specialist auction website and that is We have every possible type of jewellery passing through our site so whatever type of brooch you want, it will be there at one time or another so join now, itís free.

Jewelry Wholesalers We have been offering the finest brooches for three generations. We have always offered our goods at the best prices and our online shop is no exception.

Collectors Index We provide a huge selection of costume jewelry in the form of brooch pins in all possible shapes and sizes, from all periods throughout history take a look at ours.

Find Our pins and brooches comprise one of the largest selections youíll find on the Web, in silver or gold, with or without precious and semi-precious gems.


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