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An earring is a piece of jewellery, often in pairs, that are attached to the ear either by a clip on the lobe, through an ear (or cartilage) piercing. The name, clearly, comes from ear- and –ring which explains it all.

Earrings have traditionally been worn by both genders but in western cultures in the last 100 years or so it has not been the male custom, however over the last 20 years this has been changing.

An earring is a piece of jewelry that is worn on the ear. They are worn by both genders, although until recently in western cultures, they were more typically worn by women, but are making a comeback in males.

Earrings can be, and have been, made of almost any material and the designs can be very elaborate. The size/weight limit is down to what the ear can take; heavy earrings may stretch the ear and this is seen as a good thing in some, more primitive, cultures.


Goldsmiths Are you looking for quality earrings? We have some of the very best, at affordable prices. We have been smiths in gold for many years and we know our trade, our designs range from the demure to the dramatic, so why not start browsing right now for the earrings to complement you.

The very best quality of earrings, whether gold or silver with pearl or diamond, we know what we’re doing when it comes to ear jewellery. We can help you find the products that you are looking for that will match and complement your clothes and your look. Take a look at this

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Everything we make is silver, and we make some of the loveliest earrings that you could search for at truly affordable prices including drop, hoop and stud earrings.

Monsoon Want the real bling? We can provide you with earrings that will make people covet your bling stud silver earrings whether plain or with a precious gem. We just do earrings, did you guess? For both men and women and made of gold or silver and often including precious or semi-precious gems, or other stones.


Body Candy Body Jewelry®Italian Charms

Heavenly Treasures Finest selection of earrings including gold hoop earrings, 14k gold earrings, pearl earrings, 18k gold earrings, large hoop earrings, chandelier earrings, dangle earrings and much more.

Zulu Moon Our Sterling Silver Earrings come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Each of the categories below have a large selection of earrings. Our sterling silver earrings are crafted from the highest-quality .925 Sterling Silver, and all are inspected for a fineness mark to ensure quality.

Jewel has your favorite Earring Jewelry. Our diamond earrings discount 14kt Gold Earrings jewelry are second to none. We carry Diamond Earring Jackets, Two Tone Gold Hoop Earrings, Cameo Earrings, Diamond Earrings, Garnet Earrings, Opal Earrings, Pearl Earrings, 14kt Gold Earrings, Hard Enamel Earrings, Turquoise Earrings, Onyx Earrings, Diamond Stud Earrings, Nautical Jewelry, Claddagh Earrings, CZ Stud and Diamond Stud Earrings are the finest quality 14kt gold Earrings jewelry with the biggest discount. Diamond Earrings, Gold Chandelier Earrings and more. Find pictures of birthstones, list of birthstone colors and more on our Birthstone List.

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