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Tie pins, tie clips & tie slides

A tie can be a real problem it has a tendency to flap around, which can reduce the image of professionalism you’re looking for – especially when it ends up in your soup. The tie slide, tie clip and tie pin handle this problem in different ways though they all do the same thing: keep your tie attached to your shirt.

In crude terms: a tie slide uses a bent over piece of metal to hold the tie to the shirt; a tie clip uses a spring-loaded clip to do it and a tie pin actually pierces the tie and the shirt to hold.

Of course this functional item is turned into a piece of attractive jewellery in order to achieve its aim.

Goldsmiths Jewellery Store Is the place to find the tip clips, tie pins and tie slides that you need. Naturally our products are handcrafted to the peak of perfection and are made of the finest metals, whether gold, sterling silver or platinum. So why not take a look at what we have on offer to put your tie under control and start here with this tie clip.
Amazon Jewellery Everyone know that we at Amazon do books, but we do a lot more than that and we have an excellent jewellery section in which you can find some excellent quality tie slides, tie pins and tie clips. So start your searching now, you know that because our delivery is centralised we will only list the products that we have in stock.

Ernest Jones We started in 1949 with just one shop on Oxford Street but have now expanded to a national chain and our fully trained staff are available to help you choose.

Cuffs Ďní Collars We offer one of the very best ranges of jewellery accessories available, especially for men. You can order your tie pins, slides and clips securely and confidently.

Something Elegant Each item in our collections is selected by our experienced staff to ensure that we bring you the very highest quality of tie pins, tie clips and slides in sterling silver.


USA Over 4,000 items at discount prices. With one of the largest ranges of jewelry collections available on the Internet, anywhere in the world we have the right one for you. If youíre looking for something that will keep your tie in check then look no further than the Jewel Basket: and just try this for an example. It may be obvious but have some of the most beautiful and practical gold jewelry that you can buy anywhere. Our menís selection is probably second to none from the very ornate to the plain and elegant, the tie slides, clips and pins we have available will suit you to a tee. Take a look: 14K Gold Slide On Tie Bar

Kentucky Colonelís Emporium Our selection of retro lapel and tie pins look as good today as they did all those years ago, check out the entire selection including many of the early ones.

Tie Tackler Now for something completely different: Not a tie pin, tie clip, tie slide or tie bar, this is something that will keep your tie in check in a completely unique way.

Always Treasured Rather than the latest designs take a look at re-imagined traditional and vintage designs for the classic menís jewelry accessories including all types of tie restraint.


Last updated February 21, 2008 7:44 PM