Animal Vegetable Mineral

Animal Vegetable Mineral


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Animal Vegetable Mineral
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  Animal Vegetable Mineral

Age range:

Young kids, Kids, Teens, Adults, Older Adults

Birthday party, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Easter

Indoor, Outdoor, Pool, On a trip

You will need:
People to play, at least two.

How to play:
Someone is chosen to be the Chooser.
The Chooser chooses a specific animal (e.g. blue whale), vegetable (e.g. artichoke) or inanimate object (Taj Mahal or fork).

The Guessers take it in turn to ask yes/no questions to figure out what it is.
A Guesser can guess what it is, if they are right they win and become the next Chooser, if not they are out. If every guess is wrong the Chooser wins.

1. Guessers continue guessing on their turn until they get a "no" answer then the next Guesser can try.

2. Guessers are not out if they guess wrong.

3. 20 question limit: In which case the game is called "20 Questions".

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