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Animal Vegetable Mineral
Are you there, Moriarty?
Blind Man’s Buff
Bobbing for Apples
Chocolate Game
Chubby bunnies
Duck Duck Goose
Guess Who’s You
Hide & Seek
Hunt the Thimble
Musical Bumps
Musical Chairs
Musical chairs (You're fired!)
Musical Statues
Name the logo
Noahs Ark
Pass the Parcel
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Poor Pussy
Red Light, Green Light
Simon Says
Sleeping Lions
Slow Race
Squeak Piggy Squeak
Stupid Ninja
The Minister’s Cat
The Name Game
The Poo Bomb
Wink Murder
Whos hand?




Age range:

Kids, Teens, Young adults

Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Easter

Indoor, Outdoor

You will need:
Kids, at least three.

How to play:
The players sit in a circle and get a 6-beat rhythm going: Slap the things twice, clap twice, snap fingers twice. Slap-slap, clap-clap, snap-snap.

The players speak in turn going clockwise around the circle, the first to speak but they only speak on the snap-snap part of the rhythm. Anyone who messes up the rhythm by speaking out of turn or in the wrong place, or just losing it, is out

What they say is as follows: Player 1 says "Categories", Player 2 says "such as", Player 3 says a category (like "countries"), Player 4 and subsequent players must name countries. If Player 3 does not name a sensible category (says "bananas") then he’s out. Failing to name a member of the category results in a person being out.
Whenever someone is out, the play continues with the next person clockwise in the circle who names another member of that category. A sequence of two or more sets of the six-beats without starting is allowed to get people into the groove after a mistake.
Last person in, wins.

1. Start a new category after a mistake.

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