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Age range:

Kids, Teens, Adults, Older Adults, Office party

Birthday party, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Easter

You will need:
People to play, at least three. You can have a prepared list of items to use, which can be helpful but also harder, depending on the things being mimed. The players can be split into teams. A timer for the team game.

How to play:
In the individual game:
A player is chosen to start, the Mime.
He is given or chooses the title of a song, book, play, film, TV show, or musical.
He then attempts to communicate what the title is without using words, he is only able to mime either all the title in one go, or he can break it up into parts.
A large number of conventions have grown up to assist in communicating to the guessers, see below.
When someone guesses correctly they become the Mime.
In the team game the Mime has only a specific amount of time to communicate the title to his team. If they guess the team gets a point, if not the opposing team can guess, if they get it right they get the point.

These are some of the conventions used, however since this is a visual game it can be hard to explain.
At the beginning: what sort of thing is the title? Mime an opening book with your palms: it’s a book title. Mime curtains drawing back, it’s a play. Mime an old-fashioned hand-cranked film camera, it’s a film. Mime a rectangle shape, it’s a TV show. Mime singing in a pose, it’s a musical. It could be more than one.
Next, how many words? Hold up the number of fingers for the number of words.
Indicate which word you’ll be miming by holding up that many fingers.
Small words: ’a’ ’an’ indicated by making holding up the hand with the first finger and thumb close together. The word ’the’ is shown making a letter T with the fingers.
Breaking words down to mime individual syllables. The number of syllables is shown by fingers pressed onto the fore-arm. Then indicate which syllable you’re doing in the same way.
To get a word by doing a mime of a rhyme, do the mime so the team gets it, then pull your earlobe "Sounds like", the other players must then shout out rhyming words. Indicate the right one by pointing at the person who got it right.
There are many more.

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