Chocolate game

Chocolate game


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  Chocolate game

Age range:

Young kids, Kids, Teens

Birthday party, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Easter, Office party

Indoor, Outdoor

You will need:
A very large bar of chocolate (unwrapped), knife and fork, a tray with a high lip (preferably), a large six-sided die, large (clean) gloves and a scarf. Some children and a supervising adult (or three).

How to play:
A child rolls the dice, if he or she gets a six he puts on the gloves and scarf, picks up the knife and fork cuts into the chocolate. He or she must use the gloved hands to feed himself with any chocolate he cuts off. They must pick it up using their fingers and not slide it off the table.

Meanwhile the other children roll the die in order, if one of them gets a six, they get the gloves and scarf and can try to eat the chocolate. The person with the gloves and scarf must give them up to the new person and stop trying to eat the chocolate!

This continues until the chocolate is gone.


1. Use a plastic knife - it makes it more difficult to cut the chocolate.

3. Add a hat as an extra item of clothing.

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