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Animal Vegetable Mineral
Are you there, Moriarty?
Blind Man’s Buff
Bobbing for Apples
Chocolate Game
Chubby bunnies
Duck Duck Goose
Guess Who’s You
Hide & Seek
Hunt the Thimble
Musical Bumps
Musical Chairs
Musical chairs (You're fired!)
Musical Statues
Name the logo
Noahs Ark
Pass the Parcel
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Poor Pussy
Red Light, Green Light
Simon Says
Sleeping Lions
Slow Race
Squeak Piggy Squeak
Stupid Ninja
The Minister’s Cat
The Name Game
The Poo Bomb
Wink Murder
Whos hand?



Age range:

Kids, Teens, Adults, Older Adults

Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Easter, Office party

Indoor, Outdoor

You will need:
Players, at least three. Enough pens and paper for each person. Each slip of paper can be an A4 sheet torn into 4 pieces.
How to play:
Each player has a pen and paper.
Each player writes down a man’s name (a real person) at the top of the sheet and then rolls down the paper so the name is hidden.
Each slip of paper is then passed to the next player.
Each player then writes a woman’s name (a real person), roll down to hide the name and pass it round.
Now write a location where they might meet, roll down and pass round the paper.
He said to her: write a comment, roll down and pass on.
She said to him: write a comment, roll down and pass on.
And the consequence was: write something that happens as a result.
The papers are passed on one final time and each person unravels the slip, and they are read out in turn. With hilarious and occasionally risque results.

1. Add an additional "He replied" before the consequence

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