Pin the tail on the donkey

Pin the tail on the donkey


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  Pin the tail on the donkey

Age range:

Young kids, Kids

Birthday party, Halloween, Office party

Indoor, Outdoor

You will need:
A big picture of a donkey (or something else, see Variations below) missing its tail. A donkey tail with blu-tac at one end.

One adult (minimum). A blindfold. A pen.

How to play:
The purpose of the game is to get the tail in the right position on the donkey – the fun of the game is getting it wrong.

Each player in turn is blindfolded and given the donkey tail
With lots of encouragement from the other players (including advice, which could be wrong) the blindfolded player locates the picture and puts the tail in place.
The position they placed the tail is marked on the picture.
The person who gets closest wins.

1. Have lots of donkey tails and put the players’ names on. Don’t remove the tails after the attempt has been made.

2. Use something other than a donkey. For a dinosaur-themed party you can use a dinosaur (stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, diplodocus). For a pirate-themed party use a parrot or a shark. Or a monkey for jungle or Tarzan themes.

3. For an Alien-themed party use a completely random alien, you might decide there is no right answer for that and just choose the funniest result as the winner.

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