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Stupid ninja

Age range:
Teens, Adults

Birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Easter, Office party

Indoor, Outdoor

You will need:
A group of people willing to look silly. The more the merrier.

How to play:
Everyone stands in a circle, someone is chosen as the Sensei
Each ninja selects a stupid ninja move, some completely exaggerated action and either a name "Floating lotus kick!" or a sound effect "Aaaaiiiiii!" to go with it.
The Sensei shouts "What time is it?!"
The ninjas respond "Stupid Ninja Game Time!"
The Sensei then demonstrates his move, and each ninja in turn, clockwise demonstrates their move.
The Sensei then does his move, and then does the move of another ninja.
That ninja then does his move and the move of a different ninja.
This continues until someone is eliminated. Reasons for elimination are: not doing a stupid ninja move correctly; not using the correct phrase of sound effect; Thinking it’s your turn because the move looked like yours when it wasn’t; doing the move of an eliminated ninja; taking too long to start (laughing too much); Eliminated ninjas sit down.
Play restarts with the next person clockwise who is not eliminated.
Last ninja standing is winner!

1. This can get complicated, see

Last updated December 1, 2014 16:24