The Name Game

The Name Game


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The Name Game

Age range:

Teens, Adults, Older Adults

Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Easter, Office Party

Indoor, Outdoor

You will need:
Lots of small slips of paper, a hat or bag, enough pens for everyone. A minute timer.

How to play:
Everyone who is playing should write down the names of ten famous people (could be fictional or historical), one on each slip.

The slips are all collected into the hat and mixed together.

One person (the Picker) picks a name from the hat.
The picker give clues as to the identity of the name on the slip to the person on his/her left (the Guesser) without mentioning the name. The Guesser tries to guess who it is from the clues.
If the Guesser gets it right the Picker keeps the slip and gets another go. Otherwise that slip is discarded

They have a time limit of one minute to guess as many as they can.

Then the Guesser becomes the Picker and gives clues to the next person (the new Guesser).
All the way round the circle.
The winner is the person who has the most slips plus the slips of the person to his right.


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