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Party Games for adults on birthdays, Christmas or Halloween


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Games for your parties adults!
Please let us have your suggestions. We have researched some of the classic games here but we want your suggestions to liven the adult section up (as long as they aren't illegal, pornographic or similar!).

What is the idea of games? They help to break the ice and get the party moving. People relax as they play - the sillier the game the better for this and with adults, generous alcohol will help further.

Try this!
Chubby bunnies

Classics for Adults
Animal Vegetable Mineral
Are you there, Moriarty?
Bobbing for Apples

Coming soon!
The feather game

Guess Who’s You
Hide & Seek (vampire variation)
Musical Chairs (pool version)
Stupid Ninja
The Name Game
Wink Murder (vampire variation)

For Older adults
Animal Vegetable Mineral
Bobbing for Apples (May be unsuitable / inappropriate depending upon age - use your common sense!)
Guess Who’s You
The Name Game

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