Any bunnies, especially chubby ones?

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Chubby bunnies!
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Chubby bunnies!

Age range:

Office party


You will need:
Lots and lots of packets of marsh mallows. A strong stomach, someone with a large black bin liner on hand. A camera (:-) )
Obviously, there is a chance of choking, so do this game at your own risk!

How to play:
All players add a marsh mallow into their mouth. They are not allowed to chew, swallow or spit, or they are disqualified.

As every marsh mallow goes in, they take it in turns to say 'Chubby bunnies!'.

The words must be clear or they are out (this is where the onlookers decide).

The game goes on until there is only one contestant and that contestant is forced to stop because:

a) they cannot speak clearly enough any more;
b) they swallow, chew or spit out the contents of their mouth (where the bag comes in!);
c) they lose the will or mouth space to go on.

Try setting a new office record!

The highest record we know of is thirty (yes thirty) but you will have to believe us as we have no pictures!

Send us your high scores, who you are and a picture of the event (yuk!) and we will publish your high score on this page.

If you are all feeling silly enough - all shout 'Who da fat wabbit?' after everybody puts in a new marsh mallow, with the obvious attempt to make contestants laugh themselves out of the competition.

Responsibility for carrying out this silly game is with you and we accept no liability for the mess, any side effects or lack of sense of humour. Obviously, there is a chance of choking, so do this game at your own risk!