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Game: Duck Duck Goose

Age range:
Young kids, Kids

Birthday party, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Easter

Indoor, Outdoor

You will need:
At least five kids (the more the better), a supervising adult.

How to play:
One player is chosen as the Fox (oldest or youngest) the rest sit in a circle facing inwards.
The Fox walks round the outside of the circle
He taps each player in the circle as he passes them and says "Duck!"
For one player he says "Goose!"
The Goose jumps up and tries to catch the Fox, who must run round the circle to escape.
If the Fox is caught he stays the Fox, if the Fox gets round the circle and sits where the Goose was sitting the Goose now becomes the Fox.
There’s no real end to this variant, to have an end use "Stewpot" instead.

1. For very large groups you can have more than one Fox.

2. In Stewpot if the Fox is caught he sits in the centre of the circle and others close the ring. The end of this variant is a bit tricky: You get to a point where there is the Fox and a single person sitting in the circle. The Fox doesn’t have to say Goose th first time he taps the person sitting. But when he does the person gives chase as usual. If the Fox is caught the Goose wins, if the Fox gets round the circle then the Fox wins.

3. The Fox and Goose run in opposite directions around the circle and the first one back to the space wins that round.

4. Rather than just saying "Duck" the Fox can use any bird, but the running only starts when the Fox says "Goose".

5. A Halloween variant would be to have the Vampire choosing, each other player is called a "Villager" until Vampire chooses a "Van Helsing".

6. A pirate-themed party could use the Captain choosing "Lost Boys" until he chooses "Peter Pan" (a reference to the Peter Pan story).

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