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Office Musical Chairs (You’re fired!)

Age range:

Office party


You will need:
The same number of chairs as you have players. A job label that can be attached to each chair, these should be generic: Cleaner, Telephone Sanitiser, Receptionist, Sales Assistant, Floor Manager, Buyer, Accountant, HR Consultant, Payroll Clerk, IT Manager, Sales Manager, Operations Manager, Technician, Maintenance, CFO, CEO, CTO, Marketing Manager, PR Consultant and so on. A music player of some sort with lots of volume and a pause facility – a portable CD player is ideal.

How to play:
The chairs are placed in the middle, each player stands in front of a chair, when the music starts they circle the chairs. When the music stops they all sit down on the nearest chair.

Each player must give a short reason why they shouldn’t be fired. It they can’t do it, they are out and the game continues. They mustn’t give the same reason as they’ve used before or the same reason that’s been used for that job, if they do they’re fired and the game continues. Finally if everyone succeeds they continue with everyone still in. The chairs are never removed.

If the reasons are all fine the other players and spectators can vote on who gets fired.

The chair of the fired person can be removed.