The rules of prty game pass the parcel, music

pass those parcels party game, prizes and rules


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  Pass the parcel

Age range:

Young kids, Kids

Birthday party

Indoor, Outdoor

You will need:
A small present wrapped in successive layers of paper. You can be inventive in the wrapping process: Use wrapping paper for the inner-most layer; use plastic bags, brown paper, newspaper, sellotape, string, PVA glue on different layers. Keep it interesting (see variation about additional presents).

Two adults (minimum) and a music player of some sort with lots of volume and a pause facility – a portable CD player is ideal.

How to play:
The idea of the game is to unwrap the parcel and be the person who gets the prize at the centre.
The children sit in a circle, one adult is responsible for fair play, the other controls the music and should not look at the circle.
The fully wrapped parcel is given to the youngest child.
When the music plays the parcel is passed around the circle, child to child.
At random moments the music is stopped using the pause button
When the music stops the child holding the parcel unwraps one layer as fast as possible
The music is then re-started.
The child that reaches the prize in the middle wins it.
The music can be restarted before the layer is unwrapped if it’s taking too long. The person controlling can peek to ensure that everybody has a go at unwrapping.

It is considered poor form for the birthday child to win.

Insert other small gifts, maybe sweets, in other layers.

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