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Retirement Poems

Here are some poems on retirement courtesy of us - Yes, we wrote them especially for you!. Click here for more poetry for the day!

When work recedes

When the world of work recedes When the daily mill no longer grinds
When bread need not be won Employment ties become undone

When the toil of work draws back
When the veils of drudgery clear
When the workers noise grows dim
The striving slog becomes a dance

Though friendships change
And habits shatter

Though aspects change
And different things matter

Remember that wherever you go
What shores you seek and
Heights you reach

As your exciting retirement starts
You are in our thoughts and hearts



Why do they call it retirement?

Why do they call it retirement?
Are you going to bed?
Are just having a rest?
Receding into the distance?
Or will work truly stop?

Stop work? How silly.

Will your feet be forever in slippers?
Will you be glued to daytime TV,
Unable to shift from your chair?
Does your brain turn to jelly
The second you leave?

Stop work. I don't think so.

Now the work truly begins
Mountains to climb
Rivers to swim
Oceans to sail
Roads to follow

Dreams to turn to reality