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  Happy Valentines Day!

St Valentine’s Day (or just Valentine’s Day) falls on the 14th February every year and is celebrated primarily in English speaking countries. It is considered a day for the celebration of love and, on this day, people send cards, usually anonymously, called "valentines" to their loved ones and give flowers and sweets, poems and gift hearts in some form (cards, neclaces etc.).

Although being the saint’s day of three saints called Valentine, it has become highly commercialised and secular – which is why many people drop the "St" from the name of the day.




Two of the three saints were martyrs and it is for them that the day is primarily celebrated.

In addition to Valentine’s Day itself February 29th is also related to love.

This day which has only been in existence a few hundred years is used to help in re-synchronising the calendar. For some reason it has become the custom that, on this day, it is permitted for women to propose marriage to men, this doesn’t seem much of a benefit nowadays but when women had far less freedom than they do now, it could be seen as important.