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It was the German Lutherans who developed what has come to be the traditional Advent Calendar . At the start of the 19th century they would use chalk to mark the days to Christmas on their front door.

The first known Advent calendar, from 1851, was handmade, and the first commercially produced Advent calendar was made in Hamburg at the turn of the 20th century. However the first Advent calendar in the form we know it today (with doors and spaces for gifts) was produced by Reichhold & Lang of Munich in 1908.


Hotel Chocolat
Cast in 40% milk chocolate this advent calendar counts down to Christmas with 25 pieces and also explains how the chocolate is made with Montgomery’s help.

Amnesty International
This Fairtrade "Divine" Chocolate Advent Calendar will help you to enjoy the countdown to Christmas with a lovely piece of fair-trade milk chocolate every day.

One you’ve bought this advent calendar you’ll never need to buy another one ever again. This is a quality calendar that you simply refill each year for a new countdown.

Home Made Advent calendars
The best thing about making your very own advent calendar is that you get to choose what you want to put behind each door. This easy-to-make calendar is a lot of fun.

Chocolate Graphics
How about buying something a bit different for your corporate clients? We have 70% chocolate with amazing flavours – fully personalised to your own special design.

Pet Planet
Why should we humans be the only ones to enjoy an advent calendar – our pets may not understand the meaning (or the spirit) of Christmas, but they always like treats.


German Deli
Imported direct from Germany, this beautiful Angel Calendar is completely traditional with the correct number of windows (24) from the country that started the tradition.

Strictly Christmas
We have what is probably the largest collection of Advent calendars anywhere in the world with over 300 designs including German, traditional, chocolate and more.

Bridge Building
Order your advent calendars now to ensure you can enjoy the very best. To prevent melting and maintain freshness, orders will begin shipping in mid-October.

Make the wait for Santa that little bit easier (or is it harder?) using this colorful Advent calendar with chocolate Christmas surprise hidden behind every numbered door.

Global Sweet Treats
Now you can countdown to Christmas with the traditional 24 days with one of our Advent calendars with a hidden chocolate treasure behind every little door.
From a place that specializes in chocolate (could you guess?) comes our classic Boston Holiday Christmas Calendar developed by Harbor Sweets of Salem, MA.

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