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If only choosing a mower was a simple as popping down the local shop and getting one from the window. There’s a lot that you need to think about from the size of your lawn and the finish that you’re looking for, to width of the mower’s cut to whether it can get through the gates and if a motorized one will be right for you and, if it is, exactly what type. And what about collecting and disposing of clippings? If you looking for ride-on mowers or riding mowers check our other page.

Cylinder mowers For the closest cut the cylinder mower’s scissor-action blades are the best, but they can have problems on uneven lawns. The rear roller can give the traditional look of a striped finish. A cylinder mower can be muscle- or petrol-powered and are available as ride-ons. Here’s an example of cylinder mower: Challenge Hand Push Cylinder Mower. (UK only)

Hover mowers These are lightweight, easy to maneuver and usually fairly inexpensive. They are handy for small gardens, uneven lawns and steep banks of grass. The rotating scythe blade cuts easily through rough grass. They are usually electrical and have to be plugged into the mains so cannot go far from a power source. There are some petrol-driven versions. For a hover mower look at: Challenge Rotary Mower M1G-ZP3-300B. (UK only)

Rotary mowers A rotary mower uses the same spinning scythe as a hover mower but sits on wheels. These mowers do not produce the fine cut of a cylinder mower but are better on irregularly shaped and uneven lawns. They can be petrol-driven or run off mains electricity. Some have rollers to give the traditional finish. For a rotary mower try: Qualcast Power-Trak 3400 Electric Rotary Lawn Mower. (UK only)


Argos Looking for a mower that you can drive away, then look no further than Argos, we have a wide selection of mowers at a range of prices, styles and propulsion methods to allow you to take away the one that suits you the best.

Homebase We have everything for the garden here at Homebase so if you’re looking for a mower that suits your personal needs and the needs of your garden then we have the one that you are looking for.

Hayter Mowers We have been producing the finest quality mowing machines for the home and commercial use for over 60 years and our website provides hints on what to buy.

Dennis Mowers We have been producing Dennis mowers since 1922 known for reliability and quality. Our machines maintain some of the world’s most prestigious sports turfs.

Allett Mowers When it comes to golf, cricket, rugby or bowling Allet mowers are renowned for producing quality– our machines maintain the “hallowed turf” at Lords.


Shop.com ( ) Here at Shop.com we’re dedicated to providing you with exactly the product that you want so if you’re looking for the right sort of mower we have a wide selection for all occasions, so click on the link and see what we’ve got for you. Absolute Home ( ) Making your house into the home you’ve always wanted means turning your yard into the garden of your dreams. To achieve that you’ll be need exactly the right sort of mower so taking into consideration all the factors that make the right mower click on our choice and see how it fits your needs. (And if it doesn’t – ther are plenty more options where that came from.)

Honda Lawnmowers Our easy-starting mower engines are world-renowned and deliver quiet, smooth and reliable power from their four-stroke cores. We know how to make mowers.

Snapper We produce a complete range of mowers and related devices for the ultimate in residential lawn maintainance, from a walk-behind to a garden tractor we do it all.

Robomow Tired of doing the work yourself? The Robomower can tell where the lawn ends and does the whole thing, it doesn’t need emptying and can self-recharge.

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