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Halloween, or Hallowe'en, is celebrated on the night of October 31. It originated from the Norse legends of the Great Hunt of the Gods which was said to begin on the 31st October – later changed into All Hallows Eve (the night before All Hallows Day, All Saints Day).

The confusion of mythologies resulted in the idea that this night was one where the creatures of evil and the undead could ride abroad. The idea of the "treat" is to appease any devils that might come to your house, and the dressing up is derived from the idea that you can confuse the evil by dressing up as evil.

However the dedication to trick-or-treating was a completely USA concept until the film "E.T." during which trick-or-treat featured heavily, from which time all English-speaking countries have reached the same level of excess.

Welcome to the site where you can send ghostly greetings and share spooky ideas. This year we have over 3000 products, so you will find something of interest.

Costumes 4 Less
We have Halloween costumes & accessories for every budget for everyone from newborns and toddlers, children, adults, plus-size from masks to full costumes.

I want to go as...
We have pretty much every idea for everybody, want o go as a baroness then we have it, or a vampire (who doesn’t) we have dozens of cloaks to choose from, or anything...

Activity Village
Before you know it your toddler will have a strong opinion on his or her costume choice so here are a few ideas for toddler Halloween costumes to start you off early.

Party Suppliers
You have enough to do with all the preparations for Halloween so why not get a head start with all the costume and other ideas that we have prepared for you here.

Free Costume ideas
You can spend big money on Halloween costumes whether you’re hiring or buying so why not try out some free ideas including this great idea for a Hellboy costume?



Halloween Costumes Super Center
The Costume Super Center has a wide range of costumes for Halloween, and any other occasion, with a great selection for boys, girls, kids and adults.

Robin's FYI
We have a whole selection of home-makable Halloween costume ideas which get away from the cost, and the lack of imagination you find in shops, nothing beats DIY.

The Costume Page
We have different pages on costume ideas but this page is devoted to Halloween, you can either buy or rent and if you can’t see what you’re looking for just ask.

About Parenting
The best fun at Halloween is making your own costume so this site has put together a whole set of links to additional sites where you can find ideas, even for teens.

Kids Turn Central
Time for the kids to have their say with this site that has a vast number of costume ideas for Halloween, all of them suggested by the kids – and by kids at heart.

Anytime Costumes
We have pretty much any costume for any occasion and in any period style including Halloween of course, whether you’re outfitting an infant, toddler, child, teen or adult.

Surfing the Net with Kids
Creating the right costume for your kids at Halloween is something that can be a trial, who needs the pressure we’ve dug up a whole selection of home made costume sites.

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