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Kitchen Design

The design of domestic kitchens is a relatively new discipline based on Ergonomics (an invented word for the study of workplace design: erg [energy] + economics) although the first ideas on developing the “perfect” kitchen go back to 1843 when a Catharine Beecher published “A Treatise on Domestic Economy”.

Although it wasn’t until the last 50 years that real progress has been made with identification of the “golden triangle” or, more prosaically, the “kitchen work triangle” which uses the three main functions of storage, preparation and cooking (first noted by Catharine Beecher) to create the most ergonomically efficient positioning of different functions. The fridge, sink and cooker make the three points of the triangle and the idea is to keep these as close together to minimize the amount of walking required.

The following links are to kitchen design sites some of which have either online designers of free software to download. (We have not checked how good the software is.)


Design Easy
We provide kitchen design software on a no obligation basis, all you have to do is download the Excel-based package and give it a try, and we hope we can help.

BBC: Kitchens
This site provides excellent advice on how to redesign your kitchen using the golden triangle and provides tips on how to deal with potential suppliers.

Kitchens For Sale
We provide most kitchen ranges and can supply and fit them anywhere in the UK, we also provide a UK advice, quote and design service, also in the UK only.

DIY Data
This site provides you with a step-by-step method of designing your new kitchen with full details and examples of the golden triangle just keep it simple.

New Kitchen Design
We utilize the very latest computer software and technology in kitchen design and we can offer a wide range of quality custom-built units to create kitchens.


HGtV: Online Designer
We have the videos that will show you how you can build the kitchen of your dreams using ideas, inspiration and community; plus you can save your details.
This great resource will help you in remodeling small kitchens, provide details of kitchen planning guidelines; follow the trends to enhance kitchen functionality.

SmartDraw Kitchen Design
What can the most popular business graphics do in the kitchen? Everything. We provide templates and ready-made graphics to create your special kitchen.

Do It
You can improve the resale value of your home, as well as the function and design, by creating the design that best fits the kitchen space that you have.

Moen Kitchen Design Tools
You can use our interactive kitchen design tools to let your creativity loose on your kitchen to try out different ideas, plus you can save and print your designs.

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