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Extreme sports (also known as action, adventure or adventurous sports) is a name used primarily by the media for activities regarded as having a high-level of danger attached, although the perceived level of risk is not necessarily the actual level of risk as compared to other (non-extreme) sports. They are also considered to be difficult and usually involve high speed, high altitude, highly specialised equipment, and a high degree of physical effort, or they are just "spectacular".

Who knows the psychology of the extreme sportsman, whether they are just attention-seeking, desperate for an adrenaline high, or just enjoy a bit of fun. Judge for yourself and go extreme.

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Extreme Sports Channel
The only channel bringing you action from skate, surf, snow and bike 24-7, straight to your TV in more than 50 countries throughout the world from grassroots to star.

Adventure Sports Holidays
If you’re looking for great activity holidays and extreme sports look no further because we are the leading site for activity holidays, adventure sports courses and much more.

White Air Extreme Sports Festival
Come and experience our fantastic festival with extreme sports on land and water plus art and live music. We have family areas, a bar and a food village for all tastes.

Extreme Sports 365
As one of the best sites for extreme sports and activities that you can find on the web we have news, reviews, features, photos and cool stuff to download.

The Urban Shop
Got the right gear? Urban wear for men is what we’ve got, in the best styles from the biggest designers for extreme sports plus streetwear and skateboard clothing trends.

Buy A Gift: Adrenaline Zone
Want to give someone the chance to try something extreme, something to get their adrenaline rushing? We have bungee, paintballing, skydiving, parachuting and more.


Wikipedia: Extreme Sports
The ultimate description of extreme sports including research into the psychology of extreme sports, what’s just hype and what’s real for the adrenaline junkie.

All Extreme Sports
We have all the gear you need for ultimate extreme sports on every type of board, aggressive skates, scooters, paintballing, videos, magazines and protective gear.

This is the Life
"Everything in moderation?" Don’t make me laugh! Strap yourself in for an awesome collection of extreme sports and white-knuckle trips from New Zealand to the Arctic.

Cafe Press: Extreme Sports
Got the gear? Now accessorize with all the latest in all possible related gifts with attitude: t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, bumper stickers, hats, hoodies and more.

Wind Sports
Go extreme ecologically with our wind-powered extreme sports, bright new ideas in adrenaline thrills for the Summer or Winter: Kitewings, dirt surfing, ice sailing and more.

Extreme Sports Boards
The ultimate community boards for extreme sports people from all over the world we cover kiting, skimbat, extreme rollerblading, parkour, mountain boarding and the rest.

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