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The Christmas stocking is a great tradition in Western culture designed primarily, it seems, to keep early rising children in their beds or at least out of the parents way until the main ceremony of opening the presents can begin.

Of course exactly when Santa brings your presents varies from culture to culture and we won’t tell you how to organise your Christmas. But filling the stocking (or sack if you’re really lucky) can be a major headache. We have supplied a number of sites below that may be able to help you with ideas – and if you’re really uninspired some will supply ready-filled ones.


Now you can make Christmas really special for someone this year by giving them a hand-made and personalised Christmas stocking ... give it to them before the night.

Thanks Darling
If you’re looking for stocking fillers we have some unusual ones that may be small but will give someone a very special surprise – from a balloon trip to real adventure.

Christmas Time
We have a range of stockings and sacks suitable for both adults and children in a variety of different designs and sizes, they can even be personalised or branded.

Christmas Stockings
In association with Santa, we are proud to present a range of ready-filled stockings for all the family, we even have ones for pets. Each one is filled with gifts that will last.

Kitsch Shop
We have a wide range of potential stocking fillers from chattering teeth, through jumping beans, to glow-in-the-dark stars, hand-pick the selection that you want.

Cotton Creations
Take a look at our selection charming stockings packed with gifts that can help to provide memories that will last a lifetime – what more could you ask?


Stocking Fillers
We have Christmas stocking fillers, children’s stocking fillers, secret Santa gifts, gift ideas for the office, sexy stocking fillers plus gift ideas for men and women.

For Teenage Girls
Need some ideas for stocking stuffers for teenage girls – the hardest people to buy for? They don’t have to be expensive and we have plenty of suggestions for you right here.

Personalized Christmas Stocking
There is a joy in finding a fully stuffed Christmas stocking or sack at the end of the bed – or hanging by the fireplace – filled with small toys, we have ideas to do the filling.

101 Stocking Stuffer Ideas
Stuck for ideas as to what to put into the Christmas stocking? Here’s a whole load of ideas that can get the imagination started to make your stocking really special.

All Things Frugal
It would be nice if all stocking stuffers could be made of gold but we need to come up with acceptable, modest items to put in the stockings – here are some suggestions.

We have a selection charming stockings packed with gifts to help make dreams come true and provide memories that will last a lifetime – what more could you ask?

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