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Track lighting comes in many different forms, the term itself originally just applied to a fixed rail along which fixed spots could be attached. Now it encompasses a wide range of wire, cable and flexible rail systems plus spot and pendant-style light sources. They can also be mains-powered or require transformers.


Suppliers of systems from top lighting manufacturers, such as Franklite, Dar Lighting, Searchlight and Eglo with track lighting systems for indoor and outdoor locations.

Wide variety of track lighting systems from low-voltage versions to full mains voltage with permanent and temporary systems for home and commercial use.

Features the modular Hightrack low-voltage lighting system, with a slim track profile and miniature spotlights. It’s a 12v system at 25amps which packs a real punch.

The Lighting Superstore
Featuring both track and wire systems from 12v Halogen Lighting five light wire kits to heavy duty seven light satellite kit with white glass spheres and 10 metres of cable.

CP Lights
Wide selection of track and wire lighting systems from low to high price points, kits for home and garden allowing you to customise your lighting arrangements to perfection.

Washington Lighting Centre
Suppliers of track lighting to highlight particular areas of interest, widely used for display and general lighting purposes. Affordable, versatile solutions for many areas.

Lighting Direct
Comprehensive range of track lighting selection ideal for both domestic or commercial environments. The mains voltage sets with wire and rod lighting add design.

Hot Property
Informational website with excellent information on all types of lighting including track lights with recommendations of where and how to use them for the very best effect.

Picture Lighting
Features the specialist System 284 rail that can be used as a presentation and lighting unit. It can be mounted inconspicuously,it’s affordable and can be installed by anyone.

BBC Homes
Informational website based on the wide range of home improvement TV shows produced by the BBC. The right lighting scheme can make a bland room exciting.


Light Wave Concepts
Specialising in custom residential & commercial track lighting with the Flex II which will fit any type of lighting application with no loose parts and no transformer.

Lighting Universe
Complete track lighting systems and kits with pendants and directional spots in a wide range of styles and lamping options. All components needed in an accessible package.

Brilliant Lighting
Practical, versatile and affordable track lighting solutions for both the professional lighting designer and do-it-yourselfer. From monorail and cable to 'traditional' systems.

OnTrack Lighting
An extensive line of track lighting sets and systems to complement the design of any room using track lighting fixtures with matching sconces or mono-point fixtures.

Seagull Lighting
Versatile and adaptable, allowing you to configure a lighting scheme that’s custom-made to meet your needs. Perfect for artwork, collections or architectural details.

Lithonia Lighting
Full-featured line of commercial track and display lighting available in one-circuit and two-circuit configurations. includes line and low voltage track heads.

Popular Mechanics
The home improvement part of this informational website provides useful information on how to go about arranging track lighting for your home, and how to get it right.

Pegasus Associates
A wide choice of unique and attractive track lighting fixtures and accessories available to order online, plus a very useful FAQ section to help you decide what it right for you.

Lamps Plus
Track lighting is versatile and adaptable, and it allows you to configure a lighting scheme that's custom-made to meet your unique, personal and individual needs.

Extensive site site offering a range of systems that support directional as well as pendant lighting. Track lighting provides almost limitless choices for your requirements.

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