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Feb. 29th birthdays


Things to do and games
The concept of the party game seems to be dying out, it’s time to do something about it even "sophisticated" kids can have fun with traditional games which can easily be updated or adjusted to the theme of the party:

Pin the (relevant body part) on the (Donkey / Elephant / Monster / Alien / Hippogriff)

Pinata shaped for the party theme (don’t put chocolate in a pinata in hot weather)

Musical Chairs
Musical Bumps
Musical Statues
Blind Man’s Bluff
Bubble blowing


Simon says
Follow the leader
Pass the parcel
Drop a (something) in a bottle
Bean bag toss, theme the target

Treasure hunt (like an Easter egg hunt) in the garden or around the house. You can also draw a map of the house or garden but modify it so that it is relevant to the theme, so for Pirates you can make a pirate map.

Who am I? Each child has the name of something taped to his back and has to ask others questions like "Am I furry?" to find out what she/he is.
Charades, with children it’s best to give them the thing to be or do.

Make sure you have rewards for winners.