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May Day



  May day

The 1st May is referred to as May Day and is a celebration dating back a very long way, it is a European non-Christian festival that has never been absorbed by the Christian church. It is regarded as the first day of Summer and was originally referred to as the feast of Beltane, literally meaning "Bel-Fire", Bel being the Celtic god of life. So it’s the "fire of life".
A great many traditions have become attached to Mayday, and many more recent activities have usurped it.


Although this was apparently an auspicious time for marriages and handfasting (handfasting: a couple have their clasped hands loosely bound as they promise to be true to one another, hence the phrase "tying the knot") the month of May might have been named after the goddess Maia (death and fertility) and she wasn’t keen on marriage. So, you takes your choice.