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French wine - Le van

In French the word “wine” is spelt “vin” pronounced “van” more or less, actually it’s more like “vang” but with the last bit of the “ang” chopped short. So pronouncing “le vin” which means “the wine” sounds more like “le van”.

French wine provides the standard by which all the wines around the world are judged, and every grape-based wine is produced from grapes that originated in France. The process of wine production is a delicate one and if done correctly and with care can produce a beautiful drink, but can also produce a disgusting mess if preformed incorrectly.

French wines have very specific classifications that control the quality and tell you where the wine has come from. The higher quality the wine, the more information must be given on the label.

What you are looking for is the AOC or Appellation. The two main groups are Table Wines and QWPSR (Quality Wine Produced in a Specific Region). Table wines are divided into two sections: Vin de Table and Vin du Pays. Very little Vin de Table is produced in France nowadays, all it needs to say on the label is that it was produced in France. Vin de Pays must undergo quality testing and tasting, and shows the region of France in which it was grown.

There are two levels of QWPSR: The lower is VDQS while the top level is AOC itself. You won’t see VDQS very often as it is used by rarer wines and wines waiting to receive their AOC rating.

There are three types of wine: Red, white and rosé. Rosé wine is produced using red wine grapes but the colouring from the skins is removed to give a range of colours depending on the type of rosé. White wine is actually yellow.