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Preparing for a wedding is not something to be undertaken lightly, traditionally this is organised by the Bride’s mother. However nowadays with people living away from home and having independent lives before their wedding it is common for the Bride herself to organise it.

In addition the use of a Wedding Consultant, particularly for big weddings. If you do choose to have a wedding consultant it would be wise to speak to previous customers if possible. But it’s worth mentioning that you must keep track of everything that’s being done, keep your own list and ensure it’s kept up-to-date.

There are lots of wedding consultant services available and we have provided a checklist to help ensure you’ve thought of everything. This doesn’t include everything but should help you along.

Decide on the budget for the event, and who’s paying for what

Choose a date based on when you want to it, and the availability of venues.

Choose & provisionally book the venue for the ceremony

Choose & provisionally book the venue for the wedding breakfast

Choose & provisionally book the venue for the wedding reception

Check the budget

Draw up the guest list for each part of the wedding, make sure you don’t exceed the capacity for each venue and send our RSVP invitations in plenty of time.

Will guests be coming from a long way away? Block book hotel rooms as needed.

Select wedding ring(s)

Prepare a wedding list

Choose attendants, make sure they can do it (you will need at least 1 usher per 50 guests).

Decide on Bridal party attire, get Bride and her attendants measured for dresses

Plan beauty arrangements (ensure that it co-ordinates with clothes and flowers)

Speak to florist regarding arrangements

Check the budget

Confirm the venues


Ensure all legal matters are taken care of

Organise the catering, unless your wedding party will be small a caterer is essential, once again make sure you get someone reliable.

Organise the wedding stationery

Book the transport (limousines, horse-drawn carriages, classic Rolls-Royce and do you need a bus for the guests?)

Photography: Do you want video as well or just stills? Can you find someone you know will do a good job? (Do the venues permit video filming?)

Music for the venues: Are you having any? What sort do you want? (DJ, Band, mixed?) Provisionally book them now

Check the budget

Send out the invitations

Organise seating plan as RSVPs come in

Final fitting for wedding dress

Groom and male attendants fitted for formal wear

Organise all clothes and accessories

Have a rehearsal of ceremony with attendants

If having a formal line-up at the Wedding Breakfast make sure everyone in it knows where and when
Confirm transport

Ensure all suppliers are still okay for the event, go through everything with them (florists, photographer / videographer, caterers, DJ/musicians).
Ensure Bride, Groom and attendants have all clothing and accessories

Confirm honeymoon arrangements (don't forget passports and necessary injections for foreign holidays)

Make sure you have the rings

Pack for honeymoon, make sure you have change of clothes ready

Give rings and any fees payable to the Best man

Get hair makeup etc. done

Get dressed

Enjoy the day