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Perhaps because it is considered to be such an important day weddings have attracted a large number of superstitions, here’s just a few:

The Bride and Groom must not see one another on the day of the marriage until the ceremony itself.

Seeing a rainbow is a good omen, as is the sun shining, meeting a black cat or a chimney sweep.

Seeing a grey horse (that’s one that’s coloured white) is good luck, being drawn in a carriage by one is better, and horseshoes from the hind hoofs of a grey are the best of all.

Bad omens are seeing an open grave or having a pig, lizard or a hare run across the road.

The Bride must not trip or fall when she enters the new home for the first time, which leads to being carried over the threshold.

Alternatively this is to stop her from stepping into the house left foot first.



The spouse that sleeps first on the wedding night will be the first to die.

If the Groom drops the wedding ring during the ceremony the marriage will fail.

Buying the engagement ring and the wedding ring at the same time is bad luck, and wearing the wedding ring before the ceremony is very bad indeed.

Putting a coin in the Bride’s left shoe is considered lucky

The Bride should look at herself full length just once before she leaves for the ceremony, which is good luck.

Throwing the bouquet is good luck, and the one who catches it will be the next to marry.

The sound of wedding bells drives away evil spirits and ensures the couple’s good luck in the future.

Finding a spider in a wedding dress is good luck.

For a Bride not to throw away every pin from her dress and veil is bad luck