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The Venue
Nowadays there is a huge choice of venue for the marriage ceremony, anything from church to hotel, although most couples like to choose somewhere that has some meaning.

Also there is the question of whether you want a religious or civil ceremony, but even with civil ceremonies there is always the desire to make the event something special.

Of course you don’t need to get married in the country you live, you can go abroad and to marry. Getting married abroad can involve considerable expense but has a lot of attraction: exotic locations, promise of good weather are just two, perhaps the lack of relatives might be another.



You can get married in the West Indies, the Seychelles, Virgin Islands, Las Vegas, Kenya, Thailand, Florida, Gibraltar and dozens of other locations around the world. And the honeymoon begins immediately.

Surprise marriages exist too, not a surprise to the participants, but certainly to the people around them. It’s not unknown for individuals to disappear off on holiday only to return married. Some couples don’t want a fuss to be made (or the potential stress) so will choose this route.