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Easter egg Hunt

The Easter Egg hunt is a traditional game that many households enjoy.

This can take the form of just hiding the eggs in various places and setting your children free to demolish your house or garden in the pursuit of chocolate or in a more ordered fashion with clues.

When I say ordered fashion, I also have to point out that there is never a quiet egg hunt. If, as an adult you happen to be standing between your children and your next clue, then it is your own look out if you end up trampled in the ensuing melee.

Don't forget the point of this - it is to make it as fun as possible for the children, so get them moving and guessing. Done well, you will have made a memory for the children that will stay with them - just see next year!

How to plan the hunt

I always start from a first clue, handed to the children.

When planning the layout, it is more fun if clues are widely dispersed and kept down to under eight stages.

You might, for instance start in the kitchen and then send them upstairs to the furthest room away with the first clue and when they find that it send them to the back of the garden and from there back to a bathroom, etc..

It is often hilarious watching them run off in the wrong direction before they have properly read the rhyme, as they are too eager to get there before their siblings.

Rhyming clues - how to.

These are fun and easy to do. I plan these by first thinking where I want to hide the next clue. Then I think, what rhymes with that hiding place or something that is there? So, if the first is in Grandma's pocket, it might go:

Well done, you found the first clue
Is the next one far?
Perhaps you might try looking
on the one you call Grandma?

Or if the clue is in the shower cubicle, it might go :

The Easter Eggs are near now,
On this I'd like to bet
The next place that they're hiding in
They're bound to get quite wet.

It is fun to see how quickly the children get the clue and slightly cryptic ones are better because children tend to disperse, rather than bundling along together. This one had the children all over the house looking in sinks and baths before they located the next clue.

Hide the clues at the desired location - but don't make them too obvious... If you are going to use Grandma, please make sure she is not too elderly or likely to get knocked over or hurt - and do tell her first!

Don't forget to video the mayhem - it is bound to be memorable....


Here is a complete list of our clues we used one year at home to give you an idea of the whole thing. No apologies for how silly it all is, it is a piece of fun for the children (okay and us)! 

This year, we were restricted to the house, as it was horrible weather, (Easter was very early this year - click here for dates and how it is calculated) but normally I sent them from one end of the house, out to the garden and back.

First we decide where they are hidden, then list them out, making sure they are numbered and then listing next to each clue where it is to be hidden - I find that way, I shouldn't go wrong and loose the trail. If you do this and do lose the trail, you have the list and can pick up somewhere down the numbers. Click here for more on how we produce these clues.

Rhyming clues.

I'm not the Bard, so forgive the weak rhymes. Any of you commenting on my meter, are taking this all a little too seriously...

1) Clue given to them
Use your brains
Engage your cogs
You'd better search
For Easter dogs!

Where hidden: on a toy dog
Effect: they ran off to the real dog, which had 'NO' hidden in it's collar.

2) Clue on toy dog
To find your eggs
Just use your heads
Perhaps their under
Your bunk beds?

Where hidden: under a bunk bed tucked in a slat
Effect: Frantic search over and under beds

3) Clue under bunk bed
You're hunting now
for eggs you savour
So try to look
in your dad's shaver

Where hidden: inside clear lid of electric shaver, in cabinet.

4) Clue in shaver lid
Eggs in a shaver?
That would be news!
Try looking in
One of Dad's shoes

Where hidden: In my shoes
Effect: three children sprinting off to different shoes around the house.

5) Clue in Dad's shoes
They're not here!
Would you credit that?
Maybe they're hiding
with a cat?

Where hidden: under a toy cat's collar (which I put out obviously on one of the children's' beds).

Effect: We have three cats, and I must say, keeping them in whilst hiding clues under their collars and keeping this a secret was very difficult but the effect was spectacular. Three children chasing three different cats around the house, all of whom suddenly decided to sprint off in different directions to avoid the frantic attention they could see they were about to get. Hilarious. Particularly, as each cat had a 'NO' written on the paper under their collar (the clue was on a toy cat).

6) Clue in toy cat's collar
Better wear your ultra fast kit
Run, run, run!
They're in a basket

Where hidden: Under dog's basket
Effect: They instantly ran to the airing cupboard and looked under the clothes basket. Took a minute to work out where the other basket might be.

7) Clue under dog's basket
The Easter eggs are hidden well!
Perhaps they're hiding
In a shell?

Where hidden: In a tiny shell right next to the dog's basket
Effect: They raided every shell they could find around the house in bathrooms, in their cupboards and then, just as they were giving up, found the one in the kitchen (some prompting about looking for shells in other rooms from adult!).

8) Clue hidden in shell
I start to think
these eggs are a fable.
Maybe they're hiding
Under a table?

Where hidden: under kitchen table, right next to the shell!
Effect: Children ran around the house and then straight back to the kitchen table.

9) Clue stuck under kitchen table
Music to eat by?
Well, maybe not!
Look in a piano.
Then that's your lot!

Where hidden : in piano - under lid
Effect: Found lots of Easter eggs. Tired, happy children.



Last update: 21.07.2018