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Biblical / bible names for babies

You can’t really go wrong with biblical names, they’ve been around a long time and they maintain their popularity year after year. They’re tried and tested, and they work as names when children are tiny and when they are grown and gone.

It is worth checking to see what the biblical figure, who had the name, was like. For example, you could choose Jezebel for a girl. Now that might seem a bad choice because the name is associated with someone – for the want of a better word – fickle in her affections. Although, in truth, she is misrepresented. Jessie or Jess are nicknames that work well with Jezebel.

Always bear in mind that you’re choosing the name for the person, not for yourself, so you might think Gabriel is a good name for a boy (which it potentially is) but how often is he going to be accused of having a girl’s name?
Whatever you decide biblical names are fairly bulletproof.


Name Meaning
Aaron Exalted
Adam A man of the red earth
Andrew Manly, courageous
Bartholomew Hill, furrow
Caleb The devoted one
Daniel God is my judge
David The beloved, the adored one
Ethan Firm, strong
Ezra The helper
Gabriel 'God is my strength'
Gideon The mighty warrior
Isaac Laughter, the laughing one
Jacob Held by the heel
Joel Jehovah is God
Jonah A dove. A man of peace
Joseph God shall add
Joshua God is salvation
Luke A man from Lucania
Mark Latin: from Marcus, which relates to Mars, the God of war
Matthew A gift of God
Michael Like the Lord. Variations: Micah
Nathan The gift of God
Nicolas The victory of the people
Noah Rest, peace
Paul Small
Peter A stone or rock
Philip A lover of horses
Reuben Behold a son
Samuel Asked of God. Variations: Saul
Seth Hebrew: the appointed one.
Stephen A crown or garland
Timothy Honouring God, or honoured by God
Zacharias Remembered by the Lord


Name Meaning
Abigail Father's joy
Adina Slender and delicate
Bethany A house of poverty
Candace Possibly means brilliant white or clarity
Carmel A garden or orchard
Deborah The bee, an industrious woman
Delilah The beautiful temptress
Dinah Judgment.
Elisabeth Consecrated to God
Esther A star. Variations: Estelle, Hester and Stella
Eve Life-giving. Variations: Evelyn
Hannah Favoured by God, or graceful. Also see Anne
Jemima A dove
Jezebel God's gift
Joanna God is gracious
Judith A woman from Judea. Variations: Jodie
Leah The light of the sun. Variations: Eileen, Elaine, Eleanor and Ellen
Lois Agreeable
Lydia A woman from Lydia.
Magdalene 'A woman from the village of Magdala'
Martha A lady
Mary Hebrew: Bitter, as in a bitterly wanted child. Variations: Miriam
Naomi Pleasant
Rachel A ewe
Rebekah A heifer or a knotted cord. Variations: Rebecca
Ruth Beautiful and compassionate
Salome Peace
Sarah A princess. Variations: Sara,Zara
Sharon A flat plain
Susanna Variation of Susan
Tabitha A doe or gazelle.
Tamara A palm tree